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(mī′nət), George Richards 1885-1950.
American physician. He shared a 1934 Nobel Prize for discovering that a diet of liver relieves anemia.
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Maggies work experience with Native American issues in the state government along with the work she has done on health care for the Great Plains Tribal Chairmen will be a great asset as she works with folks both in the Minot area and across Indian Country.
Dr Christopher Keller from Minot State University motioned to have registration and membership fees combined into a single registration/membership fee.
But Minot tells both [women's] stories with such harsh, lyrical beauty that neither is easy to forget.
In addition to the new layout, Minot kicked off its opening with our newly designed menu which includes many new items, a catering menu and breakfast.
Dalrymple spoke after a helicopter tour Friday, noting that water is several feet deep in parts of Minot.
Flights will operate twice a week, on Mondays and Fridays, departing Minot International Airport at 12:10 and arriving at McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas, at 13:00.
In the interim, she will serve as an understudy to SNDEA President Alisha Webster, who attends Minot State University in Minot, N.
SrA Smith's knowledge of motorcycle safety was key to his being requested by the 5 BW Safety and Occupational Health Manager and Minot AFB Installation Motorcycle Program Manager to create a highly detailed motorcycle safety presentation that was briefed to over 360 base-wide riders covering two wings.
The North Dakota House voted 78-12 to endorse changing the name of Minot State University-Bottineau, a two-year college that was founded as the state's forestry school, to Dakota College at Bottineau.
The botch-up at the Minot air force base in North Dakota two weeks ago is the latest security breach surrounding America's nuclear arsenal.
ELIZABETH takes on the case of Louis Minot who believes he can talk to the dead - and of course this is going to give the lawyer hope for her own situation.
Bart Leath has been named publisher of the Minot (N.