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32nd state admitted to the Union in 1858.
Minnesota Mechanical Ability Test - test developed in the 1920s at the University of Minnesota; subject is required to reassemble a mechanical object from its disassembled parts. Synonym(s): Heidbreder test
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Lynn Bahta, RN, PHN, an immunization clinical consultant with the department of health, has been working on issues related to MMR vaccine hesitancy among Somali Minnesotan parents since 2008.
The study, sponsored by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA), reveals that Minnesotans are discarding a large amount of materials that are currently recyclable--materials that can be valuable resources in improving the environment and economic impacts in the state.
PIIC contends that when onsite nuclear storage was approved in Minnesota 20 years ago, Minnesotans and the Prairie Island Indian Community were told there would be no more than 17 casks and that it would be temporary because the federal government was legally required to develop a national repository by 1998.
Those conflicted Catholics and other Minnesotans will vote Nov.
His legislative assistant, Ken Swecker, certainly pushed back hard after his boss's radio interview made news, disseminating an open letter in which Swecker called same-sex marriage a "completely pointless issue" at a time when Minnesotans are losing their jobs.
The waiver also means other Minnesotans receiving SNAP will not lose their assistance because they cannot find work.
The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources reports more than 2,700 Minnesotans took advantage of a new apprentice hunter validation permit since it became available earlier this year.
On the front page of Monday's Duluth News Tribune, Democratic presidential candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton make their pitch for the votes of northern Minnesotans on Super Tuesday -- Clinton citing experience, Obama agitating for change, and both noting they are Great Lakes senators.
"Capital Lending Services, LLC is bringing its services online so we can provide Minnesotans with a Minnesota-based Internet option for mortgages," stated Jason Lamberson, president/CEO of Capital Lending, LLC.
Mike Lynch's Minnesota weatherwatch; a complete guide for weather-obsessed Minnesotans.
The site is said to feature 'MN Showcase' section, which will feature the work of emerging Minnesota filmmakers; 'Icepack', an online forum that allows Minnesotans working in other markets to network and stay connected; searchable location photo library aimed at location scouts; as well as trailers of features that were filmed in the state.