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32nd state admitted to the Union in 1858.
Minnesota Mechanical Ability Test - test developed in the 1920s at the University of Minnesota; subject is required to reassemble a mechanical object from its disassembled parts. Synonym(s): Heidbreder test
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Both public and private sectors acknowledge that the transformation currently underway in Minnesota will require conceptual and financial involvement of both sectors and will necessitate honest dialogue and realistic decision making by everyone.
It appears that state and national efforts in this aspect of guidance resulted in various professional groups taking a stand supporting elementary school counseling: the Minnesota PTA, 1968; National Elementary School Principals, 1978; and the Minnesota Board of Education, 1981.
When Ventura announced his candidacy, his slogan was "Retaliate in '98," a sort of "up yours" to the Minnesota political establishment.
John Haygreen, former head of the forest-products department of the University of Minnesota, said, "The manufacture of most wood products no longer need be tied closely to the type of timber available.

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