Minkowski, Oskar

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(Minkowsky), Oskar, German physician, 1858-1931.
Minkowski-Chauffard syndrome - familial blood disorder; autosomal dominant trait.
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See Akiva Zimmerman, "Setting the Stage: When Salomon Sulzer Met Pinchas Minkowsky," Journal of Synagogue Music 36 (2011): 10-13.
Coeficientes asociados 2 1 Jaccard, Dice, Ochiai, Anderberg 2 Hamann, Rogers y Tanimoto 3 Yule 4 Simple, Sokal 5 Russell 6 Baroni 7 Phi 8 Hamming, Minkowsky 3 9 Jaccard 10 Hamann 11 Yule 12 Simple 13 Dice 14 Rogers y Tanimoto 15 Sokal 16 Rusell 17 Baroni 18 Phi 19 Ochiai 20 Anderberg 21 Hamming, Minkowsky 4 22 Jaccard 23 Hamann 24 Yule 25 Simple 26 Dice 27 Rogers y Tanimoto 28 Sokal 29 Rusell 30 Baroni 31 Phi 32 Ochiai 33 Anderberg 34 Hamming, Minkowsky 35 Jaccard 36 Hamann 37 Yule 5 38 Simple 39 Dice 40 Rogers y Tanimoto 41 Sokal 42 Rusell 43 Baroni 44 Phi 45 Ochiai 46 Anderberg 47 Hamming, Minkowsky Fuente: elaboracion propia.
Minkowsky noticed that, for the suicide, the future disappears and is identified with nothingness, the indeterminate, emptiness.
Alem do uso consagrado por Jaspers, tal nocao acabou se tornando, na tradicao anglo-saxa, sinonimo da psicopatologia descritiva dos DSM, mas tambem e utilizada por autores que, retomando a linhagem psiquiatrica de Minkowsky e Binswanger (inspirados pela filosofia de Husserl, Heidegger e Merleau-Ponty), enfatizam a experiencia vivida pelo sujeito como chave para o estudo da psicopatologia.
The selected IQMs for steganalysis are Minkowsky measures M1 and M2, Mean of the angle difference M4, Spectral magnitude distance M7, Median block spectral phase distance M8, Median block weight spectral distance M9, Normalized mean square HVS error M10.
mean square error (MSE), peak signal-to-noise ratio (PSNR) [8] and their variations, such as Minkowsky metric (MM) [9], Czenakowski distance (CZD) [10] and so on.
Una expresion general es la distancia de Minkowsky que viene dada por:
Indeed numerous theories were developed since the forerunners: Condorcet (1785: LVIII) [the Condorcet Paradox, against binary comparisons], Gossen (1853) [law of decreasing marginal utility], Minkowsky (1896: 1911) [Reference Point] and Pareto (1906) [Pareto Optimum and Indifference Curves analysis] and pioneers like Kendall [ordinal scales, since 1948], Roy et al.
Bueno es recalcar que la diferenciacion cromatica que rige la clasificacion de los telefonos de Minkowsky no es debida al azar.
Then we can make a one-to-one correspondence between the dynamical vector field u(x, [tau]) and the static vector field g(x), defined in the Minkowsky space.
While the choice of repertoire is important, the performances themselves are the decisive thing--a standard of performing excellence that is rare indeed is ensured by the singer herself, and the names Minkowsky, Stryncl, McCreesh or Johnson.