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the management of money or domestic affairs.
token economy a program of treatment in behavior therapy, usually conducted in a hospital setting, in which the patient may earn tokens by engaging in appropriate personal and social behavior, or lose tokens by inappropriate or antisocial behavior; tokens may be exchanged for tangible rewards (such as food snacks or clothing) or for special privileges (such as watching television or passes to leave the hospital).
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System; the body regarded as an aggregate of functioning organs.
[G. oikonomia, management of the house, fr. oikos, house, + nomos, usage, law]
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HE the Minister of Economy and Commerce Sheikh Ahmed bin Jassim bin Mohamed al-Thani on Wednesday held separate meetings with US Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin and US Secretary of Commerce Willbur Ross and several other US economy-related officials.
HE the Minister of Economy and Commerce Sheikh Ahmed bin Jassim bin Mohamed al-Thani received a written message from the Minister of Commerce and Industry of India Suresh Prabhu, concerning bilateral relations and means of boosting them, especially in the economic, trade and investment fields.
Adviser to the Kyrgyz Minister of Economy Aidai Kurmanova met with Chinese delegation headed by representative of International Department of Communist Party of China, press service of Ministry of Economy said.
Summary: Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansouri, UAE Minister of Economy, has discussed with the State Secretary of the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic, Pavol Pavlis the bilateral relations and ways to boost them, especially at the economic, trade and investment levels.
Summary: Sofia, Rabi Al-Akhir 25, 1432 / March 30, 2011, SPA -- Bulgarian Minister of Economy and Energy Traicho Traikov met here today Saudi Ambassador to Greece and Bulgaria Salih bin Mohammed Al-Ghamdi.
HE the Minister of Economy and Commerce Sheikh Ahmed bin Jassim bin Mohamed al-Thani with Roberto Azevedo, Director General of the World Trade Organisation in Geneva.
The memorandum of understanding between the Ministry of Economy of Kyrgyzstan and the Investment Support and Promotion Agency of Turkey was signed by Minister of Economy Temir Sariev and Turkish Minister of Economy Zafer Caglayan.
Summary: The UAE expects up to four per cent economic growth in 2012, according to the UAE Minister of Economy Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansouri.

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