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(mi'ning) [ME]
1. The extraction of useful information from a database. Synonym: data mining
2. The extraction from the earth of materials with industrial value, such as coal, silver, or gold. Miners are exposed to various occupational disorders, including respiratory diseases (e.g., pneumoconiosis), allergies, and traumatic injuries.

data mining

Mining (1).
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Robon McCulloch discussed Montana's mining industry. A mining engineer, he is a staff field agent for the Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology at Montana Tech in Butte.
Azerbaijan's withdrawal from the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative did not slow down the development of the country's mining industry, Ibrahimov added.
This approach strikes a feasible balance to finally restart the mining industry toward long-term growth.
Mining industry is a miracle industry that saves Surigao del Sur from the bondage of poverty," the lawmaker said.
However, throughout the years, Villanueva said that the contribution of the mining industry has remained small: less than 1% of the GDP; and less than 1% of the country's total employment.
The mining industry is the only consumer of mining engineers, process engineers and metallurgical specialists.
The lowering of oil prices due to overproduction and slowing of demand may be seen by some in the mining industry to stop exploring alternative energy sources and replacing the existing fuel sources with renewable energy at lower prices.
The concept of public administration of the mining industry should be developed with help of prominent scholars, qualified mining specialists.
As one of the largest mineral exploration and mining trading platforms, CHINA MINING covers the whole value chain, including geological survey, exploration development, mining rights trading, mining investment & financing, smelting & processing, technique & equipment as well as mining services and further topics relevant to the global mining industry. CHINA MINING plays a critical role in creating more communication and co-operation opportunities for domestic and international industry communities.
"We are seeing the gold mining industry dying here but they are trying to hang on and more and more corporations are going to Asia, South America and Africa," says Diana Ruiz, of Oakland-based Project Underground.
Summary: This report analyzes and forecasts the geophysical services market for mineral & mining industry at the global and regional level.
The House of Representatives ways and means panel is not 'fast-tracking' the passage of a bill establishing the fiscal regime for the mining industry.

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