Suitcase Nuke

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A tactical nuclear weapon small enough to pack in a suitcase
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html) mini-nuke found within the game series, complete with sound effects.
It may b epossible for terrorists to obtain a single weapon, maybe a mini-nuke, or one or two of them, and for downtown Sydney, New York or Moscow, or Delhi or Islamabad or Beijing to disappear in a bright flash.
Second, the idea that a mini-nuke will reduce collateral damage is truly nuclear "newspeak," given the destructive power of even a small-yield weapon.
This ban was repealed in the 2004 budget and funding was allocated to research new mini-nuke technology under a line item called "Stockpile Services Advanced Concept Initiator.
To arm the mini-nuke bunker-busters scheduled under the Bush Administration's new nuclear strategy.
Commandeering such a ship would give them an instant mini-nuke," intelligence agents claim.
Finalmente, es muy probable que las Fuerzas Armadas estadunidenses hagan uso de la Mini-Nuke o Mini-Bomba Nuclear, capaz de destruir el bunker presidencial de la localidad de Tikrit, ubicado bajo los lagos reales del Palacio de Saddam Hussein.
Such a bomb would create a fireball that would blast through the earth's surface, carrying a cloud of radioactive dirt and debris, according to Nelson, who notes that five-kiloton atomic bombs had to be detonated at the Nevada Test Site at a depth of 650 feet to be fully contained--far deeper than any mini-nuke could travel.
Yet, the ongoing plans and activities of almost all nuclear-weapon possessors for the modernization of their nuclear weapon arsenals and the development, by a certain nuclear-weapon State, of mini-nukes, which, by reducing the threshold for their use, increases the possibility of their use, are other alarming trend indicating the start of a new nuclear arms modernization race.
Aa Keep in mind that when a terrorized people lack a superpower ally and more sophisticated means, their only recourse is to throw stones or strap explosives to their backs or pack suitcases with mini-nukes and deadly microbes or hijack airliners with box cutters and visit their enemy's "blessed shores" This is not to excuse it.
Believe me, if I could swing it, I'd have one of those Toshiba mini-nukes in my backyard; Put It in My Backyard--PIMBY, if you like.
Somebody should tell President Bush that the Pentagon is actively pursuing bunker-buster nukes, mini-nukes and space-based nukes, all of which would require testing and would violate the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty and the United Nations treaty banning space weapons.