Suitcase Nuke

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A tactical nuclear weapon small enough to pack in a suitcase
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He traces the emergence of nanotechnology, discusses the current development of nanoweapons (such as the "mini-nuke", a device that weighs five pounds and carries the power of one hundred tons of TNT) and offers concrete recommendations, founded in historical precedent, for controlling their proliferation and avoiding human annihilation.
It may b epossible for terrorists to obtain a single weapon, maybe a mini-nuke, or one or two of them, and for downtown Sydney, New York or Moscow, or Delhi or Islamabad or Beijing to disappear in a bright flash.
attack on Iran may include "mini-nuke" weapons and could begin a cascade of unplanned and increasingly unpleasant outcomes, including an actual nuclear war.
The administration argued in its 2001 Nuclear Posture Review that "new capabilities must be developed to defeat emerging threats such as hard and deeply buried targets, to find and attack mobile and relocatable targets, to defeat chemical or biological agents, and to improve accuracy and limit collateral damage." The administration has been seeking funds to explore three new nuclear weapons: a "mini-nuke" (purportedly to reduce collateral damage); a "bunker-buster" (an earth-penetrating bomb intended to destroy underground facilities); and a "reliable replacement warhead (RRW)" to increase the longevity, reliability, and safety of the stockpile.
This ban was repealed in the 2004 budget and funding was allocated to research new mini-nuke technology under a line item called "Stockpile Services Advanced Concept Initiator." For 2005, the Pentagon has requested nine million dollars for work on these technologies.
In June, the US Senate approved spending for research into - but not development of - new 'bunker buster' and 'mini-nuke' warheads.
To arm the mini-nuke bunker-busters scheduled under the Bush Administration's new nuclear strategy.
"Commandeering such a ship would give them an instant mini-nuke," intelligence agents claim.
It includesAaAaAeAeAaAeAeA PC versions of "Fallout," "Fallout 2," "Fallout Tacti "Fallout New Vegas" and "Fallout 3." The collection comes in a display case that resembles the ( mini-nuke found within the game series, complete with sound effects.
Some observers have incorrectly characterized the RNEP as a low-yield "mini-nuke," implying that it is more usable than other nuclear weapons.
An alternative 'bunker-buster' concept conceives of a low-yield nuclear weapon, or 'mini-nuke', acting as a spear driven into the ground before exploding.