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formation of or conversion into bone or a bony substance.
ectopic ossification a pathological condition in which bone arises in tissues not in the osseous system and in connective tissues usually not manifesting osteogenic properties.
endochondral ossification ossification that occurs in and replaces cartilage.
heterotrophic ossification metaplastic ossification.
intramembranous ossification ossification of bone that occurs in and replaces connective tissue.
metaplastic ossification the development of bony substance in normally soft body structures; called also heterotrophic ossification.
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1. The formation of bone.
2. A change into bone.
[L. ossificatio, fr. os, bone, + facio, to make]
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1. The natural process of bone formation.
a. The hardening or calcification of soft tissue into a bonelike material.
b. A mass or deposit of such material.
a. The process of becoming set in a rigidly conventional pattern, as of behavior, habits, or beliefs.
b. Rigid, unimaginative convention.
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1. The formation of bone.
2. A change into bone.
[L. ossificatio, fr. os, bone, + facio, to make]
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(os?i-fi-ka'shun) [? + facere, to make]
1. The formation of bone matrix.
2. The replacement of other tissue by bone, esp. during fetal development. See: osteogenesis
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ENDOCHONDRAL OSSIFICATION: Ossification process in a long bone; (A) progression from embryo to young adult, (B) microscopic view of an epiphyseal disk
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endochondral ossification

The formation of bone in cartilage, as in the formation of long bones, involving the destruction and removal of cartilage and the formation of osseous tissue in the space formerly occupied by the cartilage. See: illustration

intramembranous ossification

The formation of bone in or underneath a fibrous membrane, such as occurs in the formation of the cranial bones.

pathologic ossification

The formation of bone in abnormal sites or abnormal development of bone.

periosteal ossification

The formation of successive thin layers of bone by osteoblasts between the underlying bone or cartilage and the cellular and fibrous layer that covers the forming bone. Also called subperiosteal ossification.
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The process of conversion of other tissues into bone. Most bone forms from CARTILAGE but some is laid down by other connective tissue (membranous bone). Ossification may also occur in tissues that have been the site of disease such as long-term inflammation.
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bone formation which replaces another structure such as cartilage.
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1. The formation of bone.
2. A change into bone.
[L. ossificatio, fr. os, bone, + facio, to make]
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Q. is their any way to cure osteogenesis imperfecta my son has this bone disorder and can;t stand to see him cry thank you for any help

A. as far as i know- OI is a genetic problem. today there is no cure to genetic problems. there is a big research on gene therapy but there's a long long road before we will see any result..sorry... but there are several treatments that can ease your son's pain, here is a wonderful site that stores a vast amount of information about IO, including recent studies and researches:

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