crystal structure

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crys·tal struc·ture

the arrangement in space and the interatomic distances and angles of the atoms in crystals, usually determined by x-ray diffraction measurements.
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In the mouth the fruit gathers momentum with some creamy stonefruit notes and good mineral structure across the mid-palate.
Such rocks would have reacted with the surface water on Mars, locking some of it up in their mineral structure.
This rare type of micro-granite with a highly interlocked, finely grained mineral structure free of I was having an argument on the bus with my friend the other day who said that bagpipes were not invented in Scotland.
The mineral structure is unique and the water has been classified as the most healing on the continent.
Ongoing exploration for gold in Lobo, Batangas, showed an "exceptionally thick" mineral structure that gave hints that the high-grade, near-surface lode was more extensive than previously defined, according to Red Mountain Mining Ltd.
2 (discussed in the Journal of the American Ceramic Society article) describe mineral structure of the Al-tobermorite in a relict lime clast and its mechanical properties, computed as bulk modulus.
The project will provide a better understanding of the relative roles on dissolution of factors such as mineral structure and impurities, surface area, solution pH, composition and temperature or secondary mineral formation, among others.
National Institutes of Health, the study details how fractures in healthy bones begin with the creation of incredibly tiny holes, each measuring only about 500 atoms in diameter, within the bone's mineral structure.
XRD and SEM analyses results showed that the mineral structure became more compact with the increase of the veatchite content.
It has a rich mouth, the Assyrtiko freshness and mineral structure, strong body, spicy, powerful and dense, intense taste and a long aftertaste.
We know that the HC1 acid treatment can modify the mineral structure and its adsorption capacity.
Avanos" made from Narince-Emir grapes, received high praise from wine experts both in taste and mineral structure in the wine tasting at "Chateau Siaurac" in Saint Emillion.