Coal Mine Fire

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A fire and resulting explosion in a coal mine caused by ignited coal dusts and methane
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Iron ore production for the year was slightly lower at 238.0 million tonnes, compared to 238.4 million the prior year, as record production from the Jimlebar mine in Australia was offset by inventory impacts from the Mount Whaleback mine fire the prior year.
Two additional grants are also coming to Southeastern -- a grant of about $90,000 from the Delta Regional Authority for fire safety training, and a $25,000 Brookwood-Sago Mine Safety Grant to help with coal mine fire brigade training, part of a co-application with Rend Lake College.
Jeansville Mine - 200 feet deep to 20 feet thick Mammoth seam and also involves reclamation scheme to extinguish underground mine fire
The Hazelwood Health Study is focused on assessing potential health outcomes for people who may have been exposed to smoke from the 2014 Hazelwood mine fire (refer to the Hazelwood Health Study's website for more details on this project:
It is well known that the CSC is one of main reasons responsible for underground mine fire [4].
Mine fire or coal fires are induced by the air leakage passages that provide oxygen for loose coal [3].
The Hazelwood mine fire would burn for 45 days straight, sending plumes of toxic smoke and ash over the town of Morwell and across the endre Latrobe Valley.
Free Verse, by Sarah Dooley When Sarah ends up in foster care and her dad dies in a coal mine fire and her mom runs off, she's delighted to find family she didn't know she had.
HARByN (CyHAN)- Twenty-two miners were confirmed dead following a coal mine fire in northeastern China.
TOKYO, Nov 24 (KUNA) -- Twenty two miners were confirmed dead following a coal mine fire in northeastern China, as the body of the last missing miner was retrieved, the official Xinhua News Agency reported Tuesday.