Mind Mirror

A rudimentary electroencephalogram connected to the scalp to record electric activity of both hemispheres, or to 2 people to compare their responses to external stimulation; it has no known diagnostic or therapeutic value
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With this in mind Mirror Football experts have revealed their combined Manchester United and Chelsea IX ahead of the big match...
Geoffrey Blundell, a well-known British electronics engineer, who helped Cade in developing the Mind Mirror biofeedback machine.
If our chamber-door-rapping friend's mind mirrors the entire universe, then because our exemplary raven is an inhabitant of said universe, its own mind is represented again fully in its own mind again, and again, and again, and again, ad infinitum.
Don't Helen Mirren and co have daughters never mind mirrors? Anyway, I wanted to watch the Baftas proper but couldn't stick it out on account of Stephen Fry.
His mind mirrored that of his coach, in that the top priority right now is to win games with the Falcons and ensure that come the turn of the year the men from Kingston Park are still in with a sniff of silverware.
An attitude of mind mirrored by opposite number David Platt who suggested: 'One goal was always going to be enough to win it.
Her criticism shows her "active recognition that the mind mirrors, as Wordsworth says, the external world" (p.