Ipomoea versicolor

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I·po·moe·a ver·sic·o'·lor

a species the seeds of which contain hallucinogenic ergot (indole) alkaloids.
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An even more outrageous member of this group is Quamoclit versicolor, currently listed in catalogs as Mina lobata. It is more fun to refer to this plant by its names that came with it from Mexico in 1886, when it was introduced as Flag-of-Spain or Exotic Love.
Exotic love (Ipomoea lobata, sold as Mina lobata), about 6 feet.
A RELATIVE of morning glory, Mina lobata produces banana-shaped bunches of up to 12 flowers that are 2in long.
Mina lobata, now also sold with an ipomoea label, is a must-have plant for a blue climbing frame on a sunny patio.
Or for a tropical touch, plant its friendly cousin Mina lobata. Thisbeautiful,exotic plantwilleasilyscalea 10ftwallinjustone season and produce masses of slender spikes that carry 12 flowers on each.
Another eye-catching plant is the Climbing Chameleon, Mina Lobata. This produces unusual flower spikes that change colour.