Milwaukee brace

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1. an orthopedic appliance or apparatus applied to the body, particularly the trunk and lower limbs, to support the weight of the body, to correct or prevent deformities, or to control involuntary movements. See also orthosis.
2. (in the plural) orthodontic appliance.
Milwaukee brace a brace consisting of a leather girdle and neck ring connected by metal struts; used to brace the spine in the treatment of scoliosis.
Milwaukee brace. From Bolander, 1994.
neck brace cervical orthosis.

Milwaukee brace

Etymology: Milwaukee, Wisconsin; OFr, bracier, to embrace
an orthotic device that helps immobilize the torso and neck of a patient in the treatment of scoliosis, lordosis, or kyphosis. It is usually constructed of strong but light metal and fiberglass bars lined with rubber to protect against abrasion. The bars, which commonly connect cervical supports, rib supports, and hip supports, hold the trunk and neck erect while controlling cervical flexion and hip movements. Milwaukee braces may be used in the treatment of both orthopedic bed and ambulatory patients.
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Milwaukee brace
A full-torso back brace, which extends from the pelvis to the base of the skull, designed by Blount and Schmidt in 1946 for prolonged post-operative immobilization. It is more widely used to manage spinal curvature—e.g., scoliosis or kyphosis—in children who may need to wear it 23 hours/day for years

Milwaukee Brace

Moe brace Orthopedics A whole body brace that extends into neck and is used in the conservative therapy of scoliosis
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