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William F., U.S. physician, 1855-1942. See: Milroy disease.
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Types continue to be important for Milroy. A number of the paintings in "Landscapes," 1993, depict less specific places than the idealized, panoramic versions of locations found in brochures and travelogues.
Milroy presents readers with an introductory text on the measurements, models, and field methods employed in marine science.
M2 EQUITYBITES-August 26, 2014-G&K's board of directors elect Douglas A Milroy as chairman
Leanne Milroy, 29, knifed Dee Gibson, 30, after she made a comment about her partner, a jury heard.
Jay O'Neill, 21, savagely attacked James Alford, 43, after he was tripped over and punched and kicked by O'Neill and his 17-year-old pal Scott Milroy. A witness later saw Milroy run off while O'Neill continued to kick his stricken victim on the ground.
Callous Kenneth Milroy had a violent past stretching back many years and has also had a string of wives.
battling to save Milroy's life in a front garden on Sunday night.
James Alford was attacked after he confronted Jay O'Neill and Scott Milroy in a lane in Paisley on May 28 this year.
Lynne was inches away from death after being knifed nine times in the back by wife killer Kenneth Milroy as she lay sunbathing.
One expert who is studying the documents is leading forensic pathologist Professor Chris Milroy, from the University of Sheffield.