Millon-Nasse test

Mil·lon-Nas·se test

(mē-on[h]' nah'sĕ),
a test for protein, the tyrosine of which reacts with nitrite after a brief treatment with mercuric ion in acid to give a color.
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Millon-Nasse test

An obsolete qualitative test for proteins, in which nitrate induced a colour change due to the presence of tyrosine residues.
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Auguste N.E., French chemist, 1812-1867.
Millon-Nasse test - for protein.
Millon reaction - used to test for proteins.
Millon reagent - mercuric nitrate and nitric acid as used in the Millon reaction.


Christian Friedrich, German physician, 1788-1851.
Millon-Nasse test - see under Millon
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