Auguste N.E., French chemist, 1812-1867. See: Millon reaction, Millon reagent, Millon-Nasse test.
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The Millon inventories; a practitioner's guide to personalized clinical assessment, 2d ed.
Los alimentos basicos aumentaron el 33% desde el inicio del ano, arrastrando a mas de un millon de familias a la pobreza.
for more than $2.7 millon. Mark Zborovsky, president, represented both parties in the transaction.
This paper offers one answer by presenting a structured protocol that draws on an iceberg metaphor for categorizing the Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory-III (MCMI-III) results.
Three millon up: Two workers who helped produce the first Vauxhall car at Ellesmere Port meet a VIP visitor in the shape of Industry and Energy Minister Mr John Battle (left).
Given the potential for overlap among the various MAPI scales (Millon et al., 1982), multivariate analyses were performed to discern unique relationships between MAPI scores and diagnostic category.
Now that Jackie Millon, K&B Inc.'s cosmetics and fragrance buyer, has had a year to learn the categories, things are moving at a rapid pace.
It is the mark of genius." But he notes George Eliot's question to the philosopher, in her novel Millon the Floss: If Aristotle had lived in modern times, she asks, would he not have lamented "that intelligence so rarely shows itself in speech without metaphor - that we can so seldom declare what a thing is, except by saying it is something else?"