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 (mm) [mil´ĭ-me″ter]
one thousandth (10−3) of a meter; equivalent to 0.039 inch.
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mil·li·me·ter (mm),

One-thousandth of a meter.
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(mm) (mil'i-mē'tĕr)
One thousandth of a meter.
Synonym(s): millimetre.
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1 and mid-March, Lebanon had already had 650 millimeters of rain, according to LARI, while the total from April 2012 to April 2013 was 720 millimeters.
These include bar steels with diameters from 90 to 350 millimeters, slabs with cross-sections of 200 by 1250 millimeters, and flats ranging in thickness from 28 to 280 millimeters and in width from 750 to 1250 millimeters.
The average rainfall in Pune is 700 millimeters every year.
Schunk has installed the levitators on a robot that moves wafers 200 millimeters in diameter from a depositing unit onto a linear transfer system.
The technology, which introduces selected impurities into wafers to achieve the desired electrical effects, can process wafers 300 millimeters in diameter, which yield 2.5 times as many integrated circuits as the standard 200 millimeter size.
The rest of Taiwan's main island (shaded yellow in figure above) is expected to see rainfall exceed 80 millimeters within 24 hours, or 40 millimeters within one hour, triggering the heavy rain warning.
Balakot has received 33mm rain followed by Kakul 30mm, Dir 28mm, Malamjabba 10mm, Cherat Nowshera, Pattan 06mm, Saidu Sharif 05mm, Lower Dir and Kalam one millimeters respectively.
Only for one hour 70 millimeters of rain fell in the region on Monday morning, RIA Novosti reported.
Embryos of Pekin ducks (Anas platyrhynchos domestica) repositioned almost a centimeter, and those of three other birds on average shifted a few millimeters. Embryos of three kinds of snakes edged several millimeters toward warmth or several millimeters away from excessive heat.
Drilled holes in the Mehrgarh teeth are between 1.3 and 3.2 millimeters wide and between 0.5 and 3.5 millimeters deep.
Geologists say India continues to move north under Tibet at a rate of 18 millimeters a year.
The company is currently marketing a wearable display product called the Nomad Personal Display based on a scanner chip that is 7 millimeters by 13 millimeters.

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