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 (mg) [mil´ĭ-gram]
one thousandth (10−3) of a gram.
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mil·li·gram (mg),

(mil'i-gram), Avoid the incorrect abbreviation mgm.
One thousandth of a gram.
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(mg) (mil'i-gram)
One thousandth of a gram.
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Available in 400 milligrams, the gummies are also non-GMO and vegan.
One teaspoon equals 5 milligrams, and one tablespoon equals 15 milligrams.
Currently the maximum amount of THC per package for recreational products is 100 milligrams, or 10 standard servings.
However, the new study shows that even 200 milligrams per day of caffeine can increase SGA risk.
Gold Circle Farms, Eggs Plus and Egg Innovations each provide about 100 to 150 milligrams per egg of DHA and EPA.
Under current standards, water deposited into secondary drinking water may have no more than 500 milligrams per liter of dissolved solids, 56 milligrams per liter of chlorides and 250 milligrams per liter of sulfates.
They found that 41 percent of men taking avanafil 50 milligrams reported successful intercourse, while 57 percent of men taking avanafil at 100 milligrams and 200 milligrams reported satisfaction.
They found that oolong tea came out top in terms of fluorine content, with an average fluorine density totaling 1.1 milligrams per liter, followed by green tea with 0.9 milligram and black tea with 0.7 milligram.
The maximum dosages per tablet normally allowed for sibutramine is 15 milligrams and for tadalafil 20 milligrams.
As a result, the sodium content will be lowered by 32% to 480 milligrams, which is a level defined as healthy by the federal government.
Despite a warning in the drug's packaging stating that "under no circumstances should a daily dose of 1.25 milligrams per kg be exceeded", both men were given five milligrams per kg.