Dieker, H.

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H., U.S. physician.
Miller-Dieker syndrome - see under Miller, James Q
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Irene's daughter Kelsey died three years ago, shortly before her sixth birthday, after losing her battle against a rare genetic disorder, Miller-Dieker syndrome.
He is eight years old and is diagnosed with Miller-Dieker Syndrome. Our son also experienced infant spasms when he was a baby, which was successfully treated with ACTH.
Among the unexplained, inherited abnormalities that Engel mentions as candidates are Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome, Miller-Dieker syndrome and Silver-Russell syndrome.
Miller-Dieker Syndrome (MDS) is caused by the deletion of a section of human chromosome 17 containing genes important for neural development.
Ava suffers from Miller-Dieker syndrome, a rare condition which affects her mental and physical development and causes seizures.