Miller, Marvin

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Marvin, 20th century U.S. pediatrician.
Miller syndrome - facial and limb defects at birth. Synonym(s): postaxial acrofacial dysostosis
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My children, Heather and Logan, were born with Miller syndrome, an extremely rare genetic condition which causes multiple physical anomalies including facial differences, shortened and bowed forearms, missing or webbed fingers and toes, and abnormal growth of the bones in the lower legs.
This year's beneficiaries include the American Brain Tumor Association- Paul Fabbri Memorial, American Legion Post 134, Association of Horizon For Autistic Kids Foundation, Foundation for Nager and Miller Syndromes, HAVE Dreams, Maine-Niles Association of Special Recreation, Misericordia, Moose Family Center, Morton Grove Baseball & Softball Association, Morton Grove Days Commission, Morton Grove Farmer's Market, Morton Grove Historical Society, Morton Grove Sportsman Club, Morton Grove Woman's Club, Niles Township Food Pantry, Orchard Village, Rebuilding Together -North Suburban Chicago, RGA Specialized Living Center, SEED Foundation, Shore Training Center, Standing Tall Charitable Foundation and Turning Point.
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