mill wheel murmur

mill wheel mur·mur

churning cardiac murmur produced by air embolism to the heart; also heard in pneumohydropericardium.
Synonym(s): waterwheel murmur
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A temporary loud, machinery-like, churning or splashing sound due to blood mixing with air in the right ventricle, best heard over the precordium, which is a late sign of significant—i.e., > 200 mL—venous air embolism, accompanied by increased pressure, cyanosis, tachycardia, syncope. It may be of pleural, pericardial, or cardiac origin
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Heart auscultation revealing air sucking or mill wheel murmur, a churning and splashing sound, can lead to immediate identification of air embolism.
Signs and symptoms associated with venous air embolism following CVC removal include cyanosis, respiratory distress, hypotension, petechiae, feeling of impending doom, gasp reflex, cardiac arrhythmias, mill wheel murmur, elevated central venous pressure, elevated pulmonary artery pressure, loss of consciousness, and neurologic deficits (Dumont, 2001).