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(1) Asclepia syriaca, common milkweed, common silkweed, cottonweed, silky swallowtail, Virginia silk, wild cotton A perennial herb with a milky white sap, which was used topically by Native Americans for skin complaints—e.g., fungal infections, poison ivy, warts, once used internally for gastrointestinal and respiratory conditions; the root is poisonous
(2) Aesclepias tuberosa, see Pleurisy root
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The discovery, reported in Southwestern Entomologist, could be used to develop a trap-based system for detecting milkweed weevil and monitoring their dispersal and movements across landscapes, Suh says.
Oberhauser supplied data on the numbers of monarch eggs per milkweed plant in non-field milkweed patches that an army of volunteers had been collecting for about a decade.
The Agricultural Research Service (A.R.S.) has patented a key step in the process; it is using zinc chloride to catalyze the conversion of milkweed oil's triglycerides into the UV-absorbing cinnamic acid derivatives.
Milkweed stems were supplied by Natural Fibers Corporation, Ogallala, Nebraska.
He explained that milkweed is a host plant where female butterflies lay their eggs.
"I knew for absolutely certain that come the right day in October, a day when the sun is strong in a sky of the richest blue and we're still warm with the last touch of summer, I can come here and--again, for absolutely certain--find milkweed pods and their miraculous beauty.
Monarchs will only lay eggs on milkweed because that is the only food their caterpillars will eat.
Wild Card Quilt--Taking a Chance on Home by Janisse Ray (Milkweed Editions,, 2003) is a book for anyone who ever thought (even with horror) about going home for more than just a visit.
Milkweed isn't your average weed; in fact, I feel guilty calling it a weed at all.
Every War Has Two Losers: William Stafford on Peace and War, edited by Kim Stafford; Milkweed Editions.
In the Okanagan, the butterflies are lured to Mennell's organic orchard by milkweed, the only plant on which a monarch female will lay her eggs.