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Louis A., U.S. roentgenologist, 1895-1951. See: Milkman syndrome.
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Similarly, others AACs including Hamid Gigiyani, Mina Zahir, Syed Ayub Shah and Rizwana Dar also checked milkmen shops in their respective areas of jurisdiction and collectively arrested 34 persons for profiteering, lack of official price-list and poor cleanliness conditions.
Danny Seigle is one of San Miguel Beer players expected to deliver the goods when they face the Alaska Milkmen today.
Against the Milkmen though, the other SMB standouts led by 1990 MVP Allan Caidic together with Dondon Hontiveros, Danny Seigle, Chris Calaguio and Nic Belasco are tipped to come out in full force to complete the squad's sweep bid.
Mr Raza said five of the injured milkmen died instantly, while two others succumbed to their injuries at hospital.
And, he added, people are simply nostalgic about milkmen, saying: "It's a great British tradition."
A team of district management Assistant Commissioner City, Batool Asadi and Assistant Commissioner, Sadar, Munir Ahmed Mosiani raided 39 dairy farms in City and Sadar areas of the metropolis and took 31 milkmen into custody after they were found injecting banned injection to cattle for getting more milk while the drug was dangerous to human health.
Now, 30 years later, the Milkmen will reunite Saturday at Mac's Restaurant and Night Club for a one-off show featuring all five original members.
Martin's dad Albert, right, and his mate Kevin Brennan were also milkmen working from the Vauxhall Depot in Birmingham.
The reports by milkmen at McQueen's Dairies' depot in Kirkcaldy have led to a series of convictions.
who grew up in Dubai says that when she was young there were a group of labourers in Dubai who doubled as Milkmen. "They made home-made drinks
Milkmen also sold potatoes, bread, juice, eggs and some even carried chocolate Easter eggs.
The 27-year-old bubbly blonde, who plays Cheryl Brady in the C4 soap, said she''s been inundated by requests, mostly from milkmen, after saying she was looking for love.