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Louis A., U.S. roentgenologist, 1895-1951. See: Milkman syndrome.
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A pint of milk in a glass bottle from a milkman costs around 70p, compared to 50p from a supermarket.
When word got out, the milkman was sacked from his round, so Reed took him on as his gardener.
Toward the end of his journey, Milkman listens to children sing a song about a mythic "Sugarman" who flies away.
On the other hand, even a single financial planning decision such as committing a set sum from a paycheck to a retirement account has much longer-term implications, Milkman said.
Family man Peter Coombes, 45, of Llantwit Major, has been a milkman for William Hanks Dairies for 22 years.
The "controversial" carton shows the happy milkman on a green field with three coloured cows and a rainbow on the back.
It is to be mentioned here that there is no proper price control system in the city as the milkman like suppliers of other commodities particularly of daily use items have been given a free hand and the departments concerned are taking no appropriate action in
I hope more people see issues such as the Milkman as
A MERSEYSIDE milkman is facing a catalogue of allegations he abused children over a period of more than 30 years.
Cattle had to remain hungry," said Ahamed Din, a milkman.