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Louis A., U.S. roentgenologist, 1895-1951. See: Milkman syndrome.
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We buy skimmed milk at the supermarket, which has red tops, but the skimmed milk from the milkman had blue tops.
He has now decided to cut short his time as a milkman - he would have celebrated fifty years in the job in August.
But before we can discuss the events in Milkman, we have to talk about the distinctive first-person voice of middle sister.
Milkman is the Northern Irish author's third full-length novel and her first major award.
London [UK], Oct 17 ( ANI ): Northern Irish writer Anna Burns was announced the winner of the 50th Man Booker Prize for Fiction for her book titled 'Milkman'.
A Liverpool bride arrived at her wedding in a MILK FLOAT - in a tribute to her beloved dad's job as a milkman.
By Ruth Milkman. University of Illinois Press, 2016, 328 pp., $28.00 paperback.
But industry experts believe the traditional milkman is set for a comeback, thanks to the growing backlash against plastic bottles.
But in 1970 almost 99 per cent of milk was still delivered to the door - with comedian Benny Hill even making the charts with his hit Ernie (The Fastest Milkman in THEWEST), one of former Prime Minister David Cameron's Desert Island Discs picks.
So much so, that on one occasion he is rumoured to have kidnapped his milkman and taken him to London for a two-day drinking binge.
The human mind is wired in terms of viewing New Year's Eve as a landmark event, said Katherine Milkman, the James G.