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The whey separates from the solids and the milk solids become the curds from which the cheese is made.
The individual measures (i) costs as a per cent of output and (ii) costs per kg of milk solids provides an insight into the competitive performance of the countries examined, over the time period January, 2007- to January, 2008.
The USA's AOAC International and several national food authorities, such as those in Germany and Switzerland, have laid down detailed quality related criteria for chocolate regarding the content of cocoa solids, milk solids and milk fat.
But many store brands of fat-free or low-fat milk also have extra milk solids. And they don't charge an extra $2 per half gallon.
Check labels for lactose and also for whey, milk byproducts, fat-free dry milk powder and dry milk solids.
The researchers deposited spore preparations of Bacillus subtilis and Geobacillus stearothermophilus onto the surface of pyrex microscope slides at about [10.sup.9] cfu per [g.sup.-1] of total milk solids. These samples then were dried.
Ghee is basically clarified butter - which has the milk solids removed.
cup serving) and 20 percent total milk solids by weight.Frozen custard (French ice cream) is similar to conventional ice cream but contains a higher content of egg yolk solids.Reduced-fat ice cream, light ice cream and fat-free ice cream all contain less fat per serving than regular full-fat ice cream.
Clarified Butter is a purified, thicker form of butter that's been melted and has had the water and milk solids separated from the clarified or clear part.
Hansen, yogurt producers will be able to reduce the amount of milk solids in their production, and at the same time get a final yogurt product that is very stable and keeps its mild taster longer.
The outlook for dairying is extremely promising, not least because world consumption of milk solids is expected to accelerate in the next twenty years.
Thomas Dairies milk is produced from Canadian dried non-fat milk solids and frozen butterfat from Ireland.