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pertaining to the body, to material things, or to physics.
physical fitness a state of physiologic well being that is achieved through a combination of good diet, regular physical exercise, and other practices that promote good health.
physical therapist a rehabilitation professional who promotes optimal health and functional independence through the application of scientific principles to prevent, identify, assess, correct, or alleviate acute or chronic movement dysfunction, physical disability, or pain. A physical therapist is a graduate of a physical therapy program approved by a nationally recognized accrediting body or has achieved the documented equivalent in education, training, or experience; in addition, the therapist must meet any current legal requirements of licensure or registration and be currently competent in the field.

Persons wishing to practice as qualified physical therapists must be licensed. All 50 states of the United States, the District of Columbia, and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico require such licensure. All applicants for licensure must have a degree or certificate from an accredited physical therapy educational program. To qualify for licensure they must pass a state licensure examination.

Physical therapy assistants and aides work under the supervision of professional physical therapists. Training requirements for physical therapy assistants are not uniform throughout the United States. In 39 of the states licensure is available to graduates of an accredited two-year associate degree program; some require the passing of a written examination. Physical therapy aides can qualify for that position by training on the job in hospitals and other health care facilities.

Further information about the curriculum for physical therapists and physical therapist assistants, available programs of study, requirements for practice, and other relevant information can be obtained by contacting the American Physical Therapy Association, 1111 N. Fairfax St., Alexandria, VA 22314, telephone (703) 684–2782.
physical therapy the profession practiced by licensed physical therapists. According to guidelines published by the American Physical Therapy Association, physical therapy should be defined as the examination, treatment, and instruction of persons in order to detect, assess, prevent, correct, alleviate, and limit physical disability and bodily malfunction. The practice of physical therapy includes the administration, interpretation, and evaluation of tests and measurements of bodily functions and structures and the planning, administration, evaluation, and modification of treatment and instruction, including the use of physical measures, activities, and devices, for preventive and therapeutic purposes. Additionally, it provides consultative, educational, and other advisory services for the purpose of reducing the incidence and severity of physical disability, bodily malfunction, movement dysfunction, and pain.
chest physical therapy a form of respiratory therapy in which the patient is positioned to facilitate removal of secretions (postural drainage) and the chest wall is clapped to help loosen the secretions (percussion).
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phys·i·cal fit·ness

a state of well-being in which performance is optimal.
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physical fitness

Public health A state of physical well-being and higher-than-average tolerance to ↑ cardiovascular activity; PF is defined by exercise test tolerance to a standard treadmill protocol, which requires a cardiovascular 'reserve'; the degree to which a person meets or exceeds expected working capacity according to body weight; there is '…a graded, inverse association between physical fitness and mortality from cardiovascular causes …independent of age and conventional coronary risk factors.' See Exercise, Obesity.
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phys·i·cal fit·ness

(fiz'i-kăl fit'nĕs)
A set of attributes relating to one's ability to perform physical activity; primary marker variable is maximal oxygen consumption.
See also: health-related physical fitness
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phys·i·cal fit·ness

(fiz'i-kăl fit'nĕs)
A set of attributes relating to one's ability to perform physical activity.
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Patient discussion about physical fitness

Q. Do you exercise at all? If so, what exercise do you perform and why? What are it's benefits? I am looking to incorporate different routines and exercises into my workouts and would like your assistance.

A. i do 60 pushups,60 situps, and run 2 miles in 15 mins. then lift weights,my whole work out lasts about an hour a day.

Q. What do you eat after a workout? What do you recommend a person eat after a cardio session? what about a lifting session?

A. I hear swimming is good for you also. Very low impact and the benefits are amazing.

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Robin Cope, managing director of British Military Fitness, was thrilled to see so many instructors put themselves forward for the photo shoot in London.
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British Military Fitness was formed ten years ago in London by Major Robin Cope and aims to take exercise outdoors.
The college offers courses for young people who think they might want a career in the Army but I'm also in charge of organising British Military Fitness (BMF), which is basically fitness training held by military fitness instructors but for civilians.
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