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 (kg) [kil´o-gram]
the basic SI unit of mass, being 1000 grams, or one cubic decimeter of water; equivalent to 2.205 pounds avoirdupois.
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kil·o·gram (kg),

The SI unit of mass, 1000 g; equivalent to 15,432.358 gr, 2.2046226 lb. avoirdupois, or 2.6792289 lb. troy.
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(kg) (kil'ŏ-gram)
The SI unit of mass, 1000 g; equivalent to 15,432.358 gr, 2.2046226 lb. avoirdupois, or 2.6792289 lb. troy.
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(kg) (kil'ŏ-gram)
The SI unit of mass, 1000 g.
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Patient discussion about kilogram

Q. My friend is on a crash diet and is determined to lose 10 kilograms in a month. My friend is on a crash diet and is determined to lose 10 kilograms in a month. She either eats very little or nothing at all. She doesn’t even drink enough of fluids and her skin has become sallow. She complains of stomach pain every now then. The worst part is that, she has started getting depressed and refuses to have a bath also for two days at a stretch. I was wondering if all these symptoms were due to her poor diet. Can someone please suggest how I may help her regain her original state of mind?

A. This is very common in women and your friend should have a regular meal intake with a well- balanced diet. Foods rich in vitamins and minerals can sustain the body and improve memory problems. A diet with plenty of fish is not fattening and the same goes for any white lean meat. Amino acids are also necessary in such cases but additives should be avoided.

Q. I want to lose minimum 10 kilograms in 2 month. What type of diet, exercise should I choose to achieve it? I have my farewell party after two months and I want to lose minimum 10 kilograms within this period. I don’t want to diet unnecessarily and lose on my health without any knowledge in dieting. I have to make it fast this time as I have already missed two months. What type of diet and exercise should I choose to achieve my desired result?

A. I cannot say much about exercises but you can start with cabbage soup diet before choosing any exercise and diet plan. This is a good and a quick way to lose weight. After a week of cabbage diet you must stop it and follow a balanced diet for a week with cabbage soup diet. You can start your exercise during the mid of this week. By another week you can stop the cabbage diet and carry on with the balanced diet and exercise. I have tried this way and it did help me in losing weight.

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The results were stated in term of micromolar hydrogen peroxide equivalent per miligram tissue protein ([micro]rnol [H.sub.2] [O.sub.2] Eq/mg protein).
A maximum aerosol value of 77 micrograms/m3 was estimated, which as a concentration is below the risk value established for air navigation (2 miligrams per m3).
The typical dose is 250-500 miligrams taken twice a day.
Drop that Buzz Lightyear action figure, kid - your Happy Meal has more than 640 miligrams of sodium.
The Government has consistently resisted calls to lower the current bloodalcohol limit of 80 miligrams to 50mgs - a figure which is used by a number of European countries.
For this reason, inmates who are not physiologically dependent on opioids are started at very low doses (e.g., 5 miligrams of methadone) and increased slowly (5 miligrams of methadone per week) to avoid sedating side effects.
Seed weight in miligrams per seed was measured by weighing 400 random seeds and dividing by 400.
Locally produced kretek cigarettes contain 45 miligrams of tar and 4 miligrams of nicotine per bar, much higher than the WHO-set maximum limits of 20 miligrams of tar and 2 miligrams of nicotine.
The daily recommended dietary allowance, or RDA, is 800 milligrams daily, except for adolescents and young adults (aged 11 to 24) and pregnant or lactating women, who are advised to consume 1,200 miligrans daily; many experts recommend that postmenopausal women consume at least 1,500 miligrams. A cup of milk provides 300 miligrams of calcium; 8 ounces of yogurt, 300 to 450 miligrams.
For the first 17 weeks, they received a relatively high daily dose of imipramine -- about 200 miligrams -- and sessions of interpersonal therapy every week or two.
This Oven Fried Fish dinner with long grain rice, broccoli and wild rice has only 13 grams of fat and 15 miligrams of cholesterol.