20th century Lebanese physician.
Mikaelian syndrome - probable autosomal recessive trait characterized by deafness and other anomalies.
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The full report will be released in a few days, but executive director Carla Koffel and programme manager Jack Mikaelian presented some of its findings at a press conference on Wednesday.
Mikaelian y Reavill [5], describieron de manera clinica lesiones proliferativas uterinas en 15 hembras de erizo de tierra africano en cautiverio, entre estas se encuentran: adenosarcomas, sarcomas del estroma endometrial, adenoleiomiosarcoma y adenoleiomioma, indicando que dichas lesiones en su mayoria cursan con hematuria, por lo tanto, es imprescindible evaluar la cavidad abdominal para verificar la procedencia del sangrado, que puede ser, tanto uterino como urinario.
This type of a conformal lens, which is also known as a Mikaelian lens, arose from the field of transformation optics, which is based on the idea that lenses can direct light in analogy with how the curved geometry of spacetime bends light in general relativity.
Mikaelian and Salloukh use the Hezbollah in Lebanon as such a case study, whereby strong non-state actors within weak states lead to quasi-statelets and parallel decision-making bodies.
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Relatively few published reports are available on infectious disease exposure and occurrence in wild belugas with most reports coming from studies of SLE belugas (Wazura et al., 1986; Martineau et al., 1988; Barr et al., 1989; De Guise et al., 1995a; Mikaelian et al., 2000; Nielsen et al., 2001; Martineau et al., 2003; Maggi et al., 2008; Lair et al.
Protestant Theology, translated by Tah Wes Mikaelian, (Tehran: Scientific and Cultural)
When Pindoll, headed by consummate performer Erin Mikaelian, took to the stage, the band's unique sound and strong onstage presence succeeded in capturing the attention of the crowd.
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