Mighty Quinn

A regional term for LSD
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Over the next few years his production work included The First Cut Is The Deepest by PPArnold, The Mighty Quinn by Manfred Mann and Curly by my old band, The Move.
Manfred Mann had a hit with Mighty Quinn who turned despair answers Thomas Terry-10 Dylan; Bob 9 McBoatface; Boaty 8 Munster; 7 Eskimo; 6 Bridge; Swing The 5 Two; 4 Carter; Get 3 Taylor; Andy 2 Shore; Geordie 1 questions: 10 Thom.
The band went on to have further hits with songs like Do Wah Diddy Diddy, Mighty Quinn and Pretty Flamingo.
To put things in perspective, the Mighty Quinn owes the taxpayer four times more than the [euro]450million the Government intends to spend on flood relief and defences over the next five years.
The band, which boasts a string of hits including Do Wah Diddy Diddy and Mighty Quinn, will stop offat the school before a concert in the evening at the Victoria Theatre in Halifax.
SALE: Belfry Dubbed the Mighty Quinn at the height of his success when he was worth pounds 3.
Mr Quinn, dubbed the Mighty Quinn at the height of his success when he was worth a reputed pounds 3.
British group Manfred Mann's Mighty Quinn became a No.
CORNERSHOP The Mighty Quinn This inspired Bob Dylan cover features on their new album Judy Sucks A Lemon For Breakfast.
He whipped in a curling cross, and the mighty Quinn headed past the keeper, despite the attempts of Villa defender Jack Gillan on the line who handled behind the line.
For a tasty lunch that's easy on the pocketbook, grab a Reuben or the Mighty Quinn sandwich of cheese and cold cuts at the resort's slopeside Timbers deli ($).