Mighty Mouse

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A transgenic PEPCI-Cmus supermouse bred at Case Western Reserve in Ohio, which handles lactate levels in the same way as elite athletes, e.g., Lance Armstrong
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Mighty Mouse will be brought to life using the latest computer tech- nology after more than 10 years in the wilderness.
"It was Mighty Mouse. I side-stepped and remember seeing him fall on his backside and then I was free to the line.
Finally, the Mighty Mouse was asked if there would be a follow-up to his NBA coaching stint.
According to a report by ESPN, "The Mighty Mouse" was invited to coach the Kings by the team's General Manager and former NBA player Vlade Divac.
Unfortunately, it was only Mighty Mouse who came through.
These were followed by such famous mouse creations as Jerry (of Tom and Jerry fame) and Mighty Mouse. The mouse was thus considered a fit subject for adulation.
Rapper Shorry J from hip-hop duo Mighty Mouse, will marry his fiancee on Nov.
I confess I have a soft spot for ol' Mighty Mouse; I used to watch the cartoons on television when I was young.
The all-action junior - nicknamed Mighty Mouse for his energetic style - has been awarded the coveted John Dale Trophy for 2016.
LaserLyte is now offering a replacement grip laser called the Mighty Mouse that fits all the .22 Magnum NAA mini-revolvers.
He has gone five rounds with Demetrious Johnson and if he was going to get put away with one shot, I'm sure 'Mighty Mouse' would have done that.