Johann F., Swiss pathologist, 1811-1887. See: Miescher elastoma, Miescher granuloma, Miescher tubes.
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I had interesting discussions about this topic with many colleagues, in particular with Melanie Boehi, Julia Buchele, Pascal Schmid, Jacob Geuder, Giorgio Miescher and Veit Arlt.
Partners of the CorticalSight project also include the French companies Chronocam and Gensight, Stanford University, Inscopix and the Friedrich Miescher Institute of Switzerland.
Johannes Friedrick Miescher of Switzerland, a physician and biologist (Figure 1).
Edited by Maano Ramutsindela, Giorgio Miescher, and Melanie Boehi
Once those photoreceptors are gone, there's no bringing them back, says Roska, of the Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research in Basel, Switzerland.
The function of NAs was unknown when initially isolated from eukaryotic nuclei in the 1860s by chemist Friederich Miescher, and remained controversial for over 80 years (1).
For some examples of the colonial approach to disease management in Africa, see, for example, two recent articles on colonial rule and coercion in twentieth century Namibia : Emmanuel Kreike, 'De-Globalisation and Deforestation in Colonial Africa: Closed Markets, the Cattle Complex and Environmental Change in North-Central Namibia, 1890-1990', Journal of Southern African Studies 35/1 (2009): 81-98 and Giorgio Miescher, 'Facing Barbarians: A Narrative of Spatial Segregation in Colonial Namibia', Journal of Southern African Studies 38/4 (2012): 769-786.
51) Miescher radial granulomas, referring to small aggregates of histiocytes and neutrophils surrounding a central cleft of stellate or banana shape (Figure 8, B), (52) may be used as a diagnostic clue for erythema nodosum, although they have occasionally been reported in other dermatoses as well.
In 1945, Miescher introduced several cases of primary interstitial inflammation of the lips and named them macrocheilitis granulomatosa.
Researchers from the University of Michigan, Wayne State University and Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research in Switzerland found that suppressing the animal's ability to taste its food -regardless of how much it actually eats -- can significantly increase or decrease its length of life and potentially promote healthy aging.
In 1843, Swiss scientist Friedrich Miescher found "milky white threads" in the muscles of a mouse, which for years were known as "Miescher's tubules.