Middle Age Spread

A popular term for an increase in weight that affects middle-aged adults—from their mid-30s until their mid-50s—which averages 1 kg/year
Management Exercise and diet with increased dietary fibre, cruciferous and other vegetables and decrease in red meat, fats and salty and refined foods
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| Weight, for many, is a constant issue and the middle age spread starts to bother you.
The added bonus is anyone punching you is in for a nasty surprise; they are comparatively lightweight, padded, and adjustable to suit all spare tyres and middle age spread.
HAS the "middle age spread" spread a little too far?
Health experts inWales are backing the twist on the campaign to curb 'middle age spread', this time among sexually transmitted infections (STIs).
Known for his blond hair, sharp suits and good looks, the 51-year-old would be almost unrecognisable to the untrained eye these days, having fallen victim to male pattern baldness and a touch of middle age spread.
Judy, 47, and 36-year-old Kirsty are experiencing a little bit of middle age spread so their keepers have decided it's time to watch what they eat.
Favorite local scribe Roger Hall checks in again on the characters from his previous comedy Middle Age Spread and finds them Spreading Out.
If your mother has middle age spread, eat a healthy low-fat diet and increase your level of physical activity.
* Middle Age Spread (AMP), a "For Better or For Worse" collection by Lynn Johnston of United Feature Syndicate.
What's the motivating factors behind the middle age and beyond exercise boostHere are a few of my thoughts: | Age and the aging process, for the first time, suddenly becomes and issue and you want to feel and do things you could do years ago | Weight, for many, is a constant issue and the middle age spread or bingo wing arms, as some people call them, start to bother you | Health, issues with yourself, family or friends can have a huge impact on you and your life.
I needed to do It was all the motivation I needed to do something about my prematurely appearing middle age spread. I meticulously drew up a wildly fantastical fitness plan and started to run...
And, despite the middle age spread, she belted out songs which have stood the test of time.