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A method of fastening or joining stainless steel sutures or such sutures to needles.
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In the case of microwelding, where the welds were much smaller (ranging from 11 to 200 [micro]m than the smallest thermocouple, thermal histories were based on temperature field predictions.
In the case of microwelding of plastics, where the thermal diffusivity is low.
During microwelding the effects of power, travel speed, and bladder pressure on weld width and strength were studied.
reviews the basics of nanojoining including solid-state bonding and fusion microwelding
Part 1 reviews the basics of microjoining, including solid-state bonding and fusion microwelding.
His research on microwelding and joining is advancing the frontiers of knowledge in this field and making significant contributions to the increased miniaturization of micro-devices and micro-systems.
Diode Laser Microwelding of Polycarbonate and Polystyrene
Compared to the second quarter ending March 31, 1998, net sales of laser products for cutting and welding applications increased by 16% to $23 million, while net sales of lasers for marking and microwelding decreased by 20% to $8 million, reflecting the weakness in the semiconductor market.
By product line, sales for laser marking and microwelding increased by 19% to $10.
Laser welding has been adopted for manufacturing automotive sensor and actuator housings, as well as microwelding of thin-walled medical tubing.