microwave oven

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microwave oven

An oven that uses microwave energy for cooking or heating food.


Food prepared or reheated in a microwave should be tested with a thermometer to make certain it has reached the lethal temperature for potentially hazardous microorganisms.
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It was noticed that the crystallinity can be recognized by the sharp diffraction peak at approximately 2[theta] = 17[degrees] assigned to the (100) crystallite plane and the weak diffraction peak at approximately 2[theta] = 29[degrees] assigned to the (110) crystallite plane [40], After microwave heating, the position of both peaks did not change, indicating the remaining crystallite structure.
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The results also pointed out that the phenolic compounds degradation was slightly more drastic for microwave heating than with the conventional at the usual cooking time and temperatures ranges (microwave: from 1.5 to 10 min corresponding to 72 to 205[degrees]C; oven: from 15 to 60 min leading to 140 to 165[degrees]C).
This is consistent with our previous work that the porosity increases after microwave heating [21].
Laser incising, microwave heating, and setting temperature of steam injection drying contributed considerably to creating more uniform moisture distribution of teak and mahogany lumber, which significantly reduced surface and internal checks.
The results presented in this work underline the potential of microwave heating in improving composites processing and manufacturing.
During this article, the effect of microwave heating on the traditional processing of a mineral ore at lab level was shown.
However, there was slight difference of HA particles shape, size, and agglomeration with increase of microwave heating. Upon increasing the irradiation time, the agglomeration of particles was less agglomerated but particles from all samples were closely packed.
According to Maxwell's equations, the electromagnetic field satisfies the following equations during microwave heating progress in the rectangular cavity:
Microwave heating is one of the selective heating technologies, as is Photonic Curing(TM) process technology already introduced by SDK.

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