microwave oven

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microwave oven

An oven that uses microwave energy for cooking or heating food.


Food prepared or reheated in a microwave should be tested with a thermometer to make certain it has reached the lethal temperature for potentially hazardous microorganisms.
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2005) also reported that fat and moisture contents were higher in microwave cooking, compared to other cooking processes.
I would never eat frozen dishes that contain minced meat because here is an example of virtually every risk in one package: mincing, deep-freezing and microwave cooking.
We all have our own microwave cooking horror stories: gray meat, limp vegetables, awful mashed potatoes.
Lewis' microwave cooking classes are among her most successful party formats.
Although microwave cooking is rapidly becoming the most popular form of utilizing heat in home food preparation, it is little understood outside of the scientific and engineering community.
SAN DIEGO -- EatWave Vending of San Diego, CA, an innovative provider of all-in-one hot and cold food vending machines, today announced it has launched EatWave, a patent pending, fully automated and refrigerated vending machine with an internal microwave cooking unit.
6, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Leading packaging manufacturer Graphic Packaging International has created a 90-second video that showcases how microwave cooking is meeting the demands of today's increasingly time starved, always on the go consumer.
MicVac's original concept of in-pack microwave cooking and pasteurisation has recently been introduced into the UK, delivering high quality chilled ready meals with 30-40 days of shelf life.
The US team has found that microwave cooking can lead to synthetic diamonds, which are far cheaper and cleaner than their natural counterparts.
After writing 30 cookery books over a 35-year career, Annette Yates says microwave cooking, which takes just minutes, saves energy as well as reducing our carbon footprint.
A Microwave cooking is a very easy, safe and healthy way of defrosting, cooking and re-heating any food.

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