microwave oven

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microwave oven

An oven that uses microwave energy for cooking or heating food.


Food prepared or reheated in a microwave should be tested with a thermometer to make certain it has reached the lethal temperature for potentially hazardous microorganisms.
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hot air oven (HO), microwave cooking (MO) and pressure cooking (PC) on proximate analysis of buffalo meat patties with 15% added fat (F1) and buffalo meat patties (5% added fat) incorporated with 3.
The safe cooking and FAQ sections are very helpful in answering questions about microwave cooking temperatures, cold spots, super-heating and concerns about radiation.
Inadequate microwave cooking was thought to be partly responsible for two previous outbreaks of Salmonella infections (8,9).
Although there isn't an abundance of research, what exists is pretty clear: microwave cooking is one of the best ways to preserve the nutrients in vegetables--probably because you cook them so quickly without boiling the water-soluble vitamins into the cooking water.
Enhanced with a complete index of recipes, a list of handy Cooking Tips, a roster of Herbs & Spices, complete instructions for Baking Breads and Baking Desserts, timing instructions for buying, drying, and cooking Vegetables & Fruits, a Food Quantities table for large servings, microwave cooking hints, a Calorie Counter, Cooking Terms glossary, and a not-to-be overlooked "how to" on Napkin Folding techniques, "The Miracle Cookbook" is a prized addition to the personal or family cookbook shelf.
Each 13-ounce package comes with a fresh boneless, skinless chicken breast and various vegetables, sides and sauces -- and takes just 5 minutes to steam-cook in a microwave oven (due to Smart Steam, a proprietary steam pressure microwave cooking technology that allows food to cook evenly and quickly).
ADVANCED PAPERBOARD packaging materials and structures are offering food processors an increasingly broad array of benefits, including superior microwave cooking results, on-the-go convenience and retail differentiation.
Q: I'd appreciate having your view on microwave cooking.
Here are tips for minimizing microwave cooking injuries and improving the evenness of heating:
MARTHA STEWART, America's home-making guru, who is currently serving five months in the pokey, is using her spell inside to work on innovative methods of microwave cooking.

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