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The rodent subfamily comprising voles or lemmings.
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Monograph of the voles and lemmings (Microtinae), living and extinct.
A Key to the Microtinae of the Pacific Northwest (Oregon, Washington, Idaho).
By contrast, voles (Rodentia, Microtinae) represent the most frequent prey in review studies (Lozano et al.
A total of 171 species of rodents, which belong to 10 subfamilies, have been found; the subfamilies Murinae and Microtinae contain 38 and 43 species, respectively.
A survey of gross stomach morphology in Microtinae (Rodentia: Muroidea).
The fauna of these forests consists of small animals, such as hares (Lepus), voles (subfamily Microtinae), and many species that eat conifer seeds, such as squirrels (family Sciuridae) and crossbills (Loxia).