Microsporum audouinii

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Mi·cros·po·rum au·dou·i·'ni·i

an anthrophilic fungal species of fungi that has caused epidemic tinea capitis in children.

Microsporum audouinii

The causative agent of tinea capitis (ringworm of scalp).
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a genus of fungi that cause various diseases of the skin and hair, referred to as ringworm. The sexual state is known as Nannizia.

Microsporum audouinii
an anthropophilic species which may occasionally infect domestic animals.
Microsporum canis var canis
causes ringworm in dogs, cats, humans and occasionally other animals.
Microsporum canis var distortum
principally an infection of laboratory primates, but occurs also in dogs and cats.
Microsporum fulvum
occasionally infects pigs, goats, monkeys, jaguars and lions.
Microsporum gallinae
causes favus in chickens and turkeys.
Microsporum gypseum
a soil dermatophyte that causes ringworm in dogs, horses and sometimes other species.
Microsporum nanum
causes ringworm in pigs and rarely other animals and humans.
Microsporum persicolor
infects voles.
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Compounds 1-6 were evaluated for their antifungal activity against in vitro Aspergillus niger, Candida albicans, Microsporum audouinii and Cryptococcus neoformans (recultured) using disc diffusion method.
In tinea capitis, the likely pathogens are Trichophyton tonsurans and occasionally Microsporum audouinii or Microsporum canis.
Other isolates included Microsporum nanum, Microsporum gypseum and Microsporum audouinii (4.