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When shoppers scan a Microsoft Tag on a selection of relevant products, such as milk, water, books, medicines or clothes from partner brands, they are prompted to buy a 'second item,' the value of which will go to support a child in need.
Microsoft - The Microsoft Tag marketing solution gives companies and customers an easy way to use a rich suite of recognition technologies, from QR Codes to the current Tag barcodes and beyond to the next generation in mobile, Near Field Communication (NFC).
Build and edit your own QR Codes and Microsoft Tags
Licensing Direct[TM] will continue to seek opportunities to further integrate their use of Microsoft Tag technology into other aspects of the company's promotional materials as applicable.
Available first for the iPhone, with an Android app soon to follow, Pirq incorporates a proven, geo-location platform and is the first company in the world to fully integrate Microsoft Tag into an app that unlocks consumer discounts.
In addition to leveraging the mobile site, sellers in local markets can also use QR codes (short for Quick Response) or other 2D barcodes such as Microsoft Tag in recycler.
The Digimarc Print-to-Pin solution enables magazines, advertisers, retailers and others to drive Pinterest enthusiasts from printed materials to their corporate Pinterest sites without marring the creative aesthetics of the materials with QR codes or Microsoft Tags.
The book also interacts with readers' iPhones; readers can scan custom Microsoft Tags into an iPhone using a free iPhone tag reader, leading to video tutorials, app developer websites, links to the iTunes store for app purchase, and image galleries with detailed information on equipment, software, and how specific images were created.
Already, well-known brands such as Dr Pepper, Dominos, Ford, Kraft, and Sprint have foraged ahead with 2D campaigns using Microsoft Tags.

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