micrococcal endonuclease

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mi·cro·coc·cal en·do·nu·cle·ase

an enzyme, produced by a member of the genus Micrococcus, which cleaves nucleic acids to oligonucleotides terminating in 3'-phosphates.
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The use of micrococcal nuclease digestion in DNA fragmentation may be more biologically relevant than ultrasonic shearing because plasma DNA exhibits nonrandom fragmentation patterns related to the positioning of nucleosomes (7, 8).
NETs treated with micrococcal nuclease (MNase) showed specific DNA bands of under 100 bp in size (Figure 1(b), left panel).
With the discovery of newer nucleases and multifunctional enzymes like micrococcal nuclease and snake-venom phosphodiesterase, however, the classification of Kunitz was found to be inadequate.
Briefly, extracted DNA was hydrolyzed with micrococcal nuclease, spleen phosphodiesterase, and nuclease P1.
In the second stage this immune-selected chromatin bound to agarose is subjected to non-specific fragmentation either using sonication or mild micrococcal nuclease digestion.
In the current study, we set out to develop a set of synthetic cfDNA quality control materials (SCQCMs) that comprises spike-in cfDNA based on micrococcal nuclease (MNase) digestion and matched genomic DNA.