Calcifications smaller than 1 mm in diameter as seen on mammography; often associated with malignant lesions.
[micro- + calcification]


Calcifications smaller than 1 mm in diameter as seen on mammography; often associated with malignant lesions when seen in clusters.
[micro- + calcification]


Tiny flecks that are too small to be felt. They are important markers of cancer that show up on ultrasound and mammogram.
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Fibrous pseudotumours may be hyper- or hypoechoic on ultrasound, and may be accompanied by microcalcifications.
The mammographic appearance of fat necrosis ranges from a lucent mass, ill-defined asymmetry, focal mass with microlobulated, ill-defined or spiculated margins, to grouped microcalcifications (Figure 1A,B, D).
They generally lack the features of primary breast malignancy such as microcalcifications, spiculation, or architectural distortion.
These cases presented a bizarre-shaped lesion with bright density which proved to be lipogranuloma with osseous metaplasia and an irregular mass containing several microcalcifications.
While other adjunct technologies such as ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging are available, either their inability to locate microcalcifications or their low specificity can throw up inconclusive results," said Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Raghuraman Madanagopal.
In addition, CsA can induce a subacute syndrome with giant mitochondria, isometric vacuolization, and microcalcifications in proximal tubules.
Thyroid nodules that include microcalcifications, are larger than 2 cm in size, and have an entirely solid composition on ultrasound imaging are the most likely to be cancerous, according to a retrospective, single-center study.
In general, the sonographic features suspicious for malignancy include heterogeneous hypoechogenicity, solid components in cystic masses, irregular margins, microcalcifications, nodules that are taller toward the skin than wide, and moderately increased intranodular vascularity.
1] Furthermore, data are limited on the prospective classification of microcalcifications according to the lexicon.
Watermarking Of Digital Mammograms Without Interfering With Automatic Detection of Microcalcifications.
2 BCT provides excellent 3D anatomical detail and the ability to visualise soft-tissue lesions, but performs poorly when cancer is located within microcalcifications that are less than 150 microns in size.
Dr Ramani also spoke on BIRADS, breast MRI and PET, and breast microcalcifications.