Ferdinando, Italian physician, 1872-1936. See: Marchiafava-Micheli anemia, Marchiafava-Micheli syndrome.
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Tanner Micheli, the director of real estate development for Topgolf, tried to soothe the crowd, too.
On the southern edge of Tuscany, in a valley of scraggly oak, Riccardo Micheli didn't have the luxury of saving his trees with water trucks.
Weryk contacted IfA graduate Marco Micheli, who crosschecked the object's path with his own follow-up images taken at the European Space Agency's telescope on Tenerife in the Canary Islands.
In the instrument there were (1) Sociodemographic Information and (2) 'Drug Use Screening Inventory'--DUS I R (De Micheli & Formigoni, 2000).
Micheli L, 1984, Sports injuries in the young athlete: Questions and controversies.
Diagnosed with a "stage serious" rare bone cancer, Micheli faced the ravaging of his body, family, and faith -- certainly not the normal fodder for humor.
Now "man asks, howling, for his soul" (Hermann Bahr), as if through a magical calling: "Even the art howls in the dark, requires help, invokes the spirit: it is expressionism" (De Micheli 1989: 70).
Captain Andrea Micheli, Head of the C2IS Office, C4 and Security Department, Italian Navy will present on 'Developing Effective Combat Management Systems for the PPA and LSS Programme'
Amedeo Argentiero (1) * Carlo Andrea Bollino (1) * Silvia Micheli (2)
What the study did show was that although the reported number of attacks along California has risen slightly over the past six decades, the risk of attack has plummeted, according to Ferretti and fellow Stanford researcher Fiorenza Micheli.
30 Plenary Dr Pietro Micheli, Associate Professor of Organisational Performance - Warwick Business School Beverley Nielsen, Director Corporate Affairs, Birmingham City University 1700 Close