Michael Swango

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A sociopathic physician who poisoned colleagues and killed an unknown number of patients—possibly dozens; Swango initially went undetected because his superiors did not check his background or thoroughly investigte charges mounting against him; he was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole in 2000 for the murder of 3 patients in New York and one in Ohio
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Michael Swango was able to obtain several positions at various veterans hospitals, in spite of the fact that he had served five years in prison for poisoning co-workers.
Michael Swango, ultimately convicted of murder after pleading guilty to killing three American patients with lethal injections of potassium, is suspected of causing the deaths of 60 other people, many of them in Zimbabwe and Zambia during the 1980s and 1990s.
By dissecting dozens of failed investigations into the exploits of serial poison-killing physician Michael Swango, Pulitzer Prize-winning author James B.
No one has asked who let Michael Swango graduate from medical school in the first place.
Stewart has written a terrifying book about one doctor, Michael Swango, who appears to have gotten away with as many as 35 murders of his patients at hospitals where he was employed after having been convicted of arsenic poisoning.
"Through a web of lies and deception, Michael Swango inveigled his way into the confidence of hospital administrators across the country and world," Loretta E.
Michael Swango (45) is accused of giving fatal injections to three old soldiers at the unit for service veterans.
The claims against Michael Swango have similarities to the Harold Shipman case.