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Michael, English physicist and chemist, 1791-1867.
farad - a practical unit of electrical capacity.
faraday - 96,485.309 coulombs per mole, the amount of electricity required to reduce one equivalent of silver ion.
Faraday cage - cage designed to enclose and protect an electric instrument from outside electric interference.
Faraday constant
Faraday laws - the amount of an electrolyte decomposed by an electric current is proportional to the amount of the current.
faradic bath - water bath in which there is faradic current.
faradic current - current that stimulates muscle through its nerve.
faradism - Synonym(s): faradization
faradization - use of the faradic current. Synonym(s): faradism
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Caption: After Michael Faraday (left) built the experimental foundations of electromagnetic theory, James Clerk Maxwell (right) devised mathematics for Faraday's ideas, providing the theoretical basis for much of the modern world's technology.
Michael Faraday (1791-1867) is mainly remembered today as a discoverer whose researches established and transformed a new understanding of electricity, and as a pioneer in electro-magnetism, electrochemistry, and the conceptual but non-mathematical adumbration of field theory.
The Club's first secretary was Michael Faraday, the discoverer of electromagnetic induction, Fullerian professor of chemistry at the Royal Institution, Scientific Adviser to Trinity House, Commander of the Legion of Honour (by Napoleon the III) , member of the Academie des Sciences..
Check out Sir Thomas' book: Michael Faraday and the Royal Institution: The Genius of Man and Place.
Information: Environmental Mutagen Society, 1821 Michael Faraday Drive, Suite 300, Reston, VA 20190 USA, 703-438-8220, fax: 703-438-3113, e-mail: EMSHQ@ems-us.org, Internet: http://www.emsus.org/meetings/annual_meeting/index.asp
Apart from the implicit, electrical reference to Michael Faraday, there's an association with both Michelozzo and Michaelangelo in equating the infill in the colonnade under the Economist building with the reworked corner of the Palazzo Medici, while the book ends with the assumption of Pericles' mantle.
He had taken a course of chemistry under Michael Faraday at London University and set up a large chemical works here.
On 3rd September 1821 Michael Faraday was at work in his basement laboratory at the Royal Institution in London's Albermarle Street.
The company hired Dr David Faraday, grandson of Michael Faraday, to design its still, which uses water from its own spring to create a distinctive flavour.
No offence, but would you really place this motley crew shoulderto-shoulder with Captain James Cook, Michael Faraday, Jane Austen, James Watt, Florence Nightingale or Charles Dickens?
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