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An obsolete term for a harmful or noxious atmosphere, emanation or exhalation; an evil humour.


(mī′ăz-ĭm) [Gr. miasma, pollution, stain]
In homeopathy, a toxic or noxious influence on the body, producing illness.


In homeopathic theory, a general weakness or predisposition to chronic disease that is transmitted down the generational chain.


n 1. genetic or social predisposition to succumb to certain diseases.
2. the core source of disease, which Hahnemann divided into three types (i.e., psora, sycosis, and syphilis). These miasms are categories of diseases in which a variety of symptoms can be manifested in a specific individual. See also constitution, diathesis, predisposition, psoric miasm, sycotic miasm, syphilitic miasm, and terrain.
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Physicians who advocated the anticontagionist theory of disease etiology believed that infection was the disseminating vector of disease--humans contracted illnesses directly from local miasms, not from other people.
The Southeastern lowlands were pestilent places, but residents could survive the onslaught of miasms if they resolved to stay in their vicinity.
In 1791, a Philadelphia physician named William Currie, after reading of dyking and draining projects in Holland, advocated the clearing of woods and the draining of extensive swamps and marshes in order to eradicate harmful miasms (Rees, p.
It seems as if he offers quite a few choices for the different miasms.
Sankaran postulates that each remedy is assigned to a specific miasm and only one.
Acute miasm manifests as life-and-death feelings, shock, terror, panic, and violence.
As we went through my list of common toxin miasms, an ergot miasm was pinpointed.
Or maybe some people acquire magnetic field miasms as a result of undergoing an MRI; everything has a vibrational blueprint, including magnetic fields.
The coping mechanism of this miasm is concentrated effort followed by rest, which fit Ellie's modus operandi.
She had a holistic family medical practice for 18 years and specialized in herbal medicine, homeopathy, and women's health car Linda is currently devoting time to land preservation project in Port Townsend, Washington and is also writing a book on work she developed in her practice on the significant impact that chemical, drug, and radiation miasms have on peoples' health in modern times.