miasma theory

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mi·as·ma the·o·ry

an explanation of the origin of epidemics, based on the false notion that they were caused by air of bad quality, for example, emanating from rotting vegetation in marshes or swamps.
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He discarded the long-held miasma theory, arguing that cholera was water- and not air-borne as was initially thought.
In passing, it seems that the miasma theory of disease, which held that illness was caused by 'bad air', was alive and well; the influenza virus was not discovered until the 1930s.
10) 1700s 1780 Ben Franklin criticized for opening his window at night, in contrast to the popular miasma theory.
The medical industry is always innovating and improving their ability to prevent the spread of infectious diseases--the paradigm shift from miasma theory to germ theory ushered in a wave of new techniques and best practices.
Nightingale was a noted subscriber to the miasma theory of disease.
It used to be that finding evidence of toxins or contamination was impossible--not only were the molecules of toxin invisible, but the miasma theory of disease pretty much assured that people weren't looking for the right thing to identify organismic contamination.
Miasma theory located the origin of infectious diseases in polluted soil, which emitted a "miasma" that caused illness and was spread through the wind (Bloom, 1965).
In Melbourne, the influence of miasma theory continued to be felt for some time.
Today's self-evident 'scientific truth' becomes tomorrow's quaint oddity to join etheric transmission and the miasma theory of disease propagation in the dustbin of scientific history.
Chapter 2 goes into greater detail about Locke's debt to Bacon, his relationship with Boyle, and his own attempts at natural philosophy, ranging from experiments for Boyle on the pressure of gases in mines to attempts at epidemiology to test the miasma theory of disease.
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Once persuaded that the miasma theory was wrong, he took it upon himself to canvass his neighborhood.