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An obsolete term for a harmful or noxious atmosphere, emanation or exhalation; an evil humour.


(mī′ăz-ĭm) [Gr. miasma, pollution, stain]
In homeopathy, a toxic or noxious influence on the body, producing illness.


In homeopathic theory, a general weakness or predisposition to chronic disease that is transmitted down the generational chain.


n 1. genetic or social predisposition to succumb to certain diseases.
2. the core source of disease, which Hahnemann divided into three types (i.e., psora, sycosis, and syphilis). These miasms are categories of diseases in which a variety of symptoms can be manifested in a specific individual. See also constitution, diathesis, predisposition, psoric miasm, sycotic miasm, syphilitic miasm, and terrain.
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When the individual physician asserted the role of miasms in the creation of disease, he placed himself within a long medical tradition rooted in Hippocrates's treatises on illness, and within a contemporary professional community.
Someone who suffers from skin complaints, will belong to the psoric miasm - they are suffering from underfunctioning for which they need sulphur.
Acute miasm manifests as life-and-death feelings, shock, terror, panic, and violence.
The offensive of Ignaz Semmelweis against ineluctable miasms and the therapeutic nihilism
In London, Sydenham left a very clear description of a measles epidemic which struck the city in 1670 but, unlike Fracastero, he attributed it to toxic miasms (vapours) arising from the ground, and not person-to-person spread.
William Farr, an excellent epidemiologist and close colleague of Florence Nightingale, firmly believed that the 1849 cholera outbreak in London was caused by miasms rising from the fetid River Thames.
Causes include unrelenting stress, PTSD, sexual and physical abuse, Lyme disease, chronic viral illness, parasitic diseases, inherited genetic weakness such as MTHFR, homeopathic miasms, environmental illness, heavy metal toxicity, root canals with infected teeth, bad diet, and nutritional deficiencies.
Some of the subjects covered are: how choices between remedies are made, what miasms are, what potency to use, how homoopathy works with allopathic medicine, when to consult a professional homoopath and many more.
The wife of famous Indian homeopath Rajan Sankaran (both are from Mumbai) uses a strong emphasis on the five senses and doesn't work with miasms, kingdoms, or levels, and doesn't mix homeopathic systems.
The concept of miasms is explained in the context of relapsing conditions.