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The HP BladeSystem architecture and ClearSpeed's innovative Type II mezzanine card deliver maximum performance and high density while reducing requirements for space, power and cooling.
NASDAQ:MLNX) (TASE:MLNX), a leading supplier of semiconductor-based, server and storage interconnect products, today announced that the company's 20Gb/s ConnectX IB InfiniBand mezzanine cards provide the optimal performance interconnect for HP BladeSystem c-Class.
Machi explained: "By assigning processor-intensive operations to the mezzanine card we leave more power for host media processing.
The MM-71xx PMCs can be utilized on PowerPC([R]) and x86 Single Board Computers, Altivec([R]) DSP boards, A/D converters, graphic engines or any carrier that has a PCI Mezzanine Card (PMC) site.
The development platform integrates the IDT PPS with four TI DSPs on an advanced mezzanine card (AMC), which simply plugs into a PC.
The MicroTCA specification defines systems that accommodate plug in cards complying with the successful Advanced Mezzanine Card specification.
While the AMC10G can be employed as a mezzanine card within an ATCA environment, it also embraces the MicroTCA standard and can be deployed directly in a MicroTCA chassis.
AVIVA's Advanced Mezzanine Card (AdvancedMC(TM)) network blades are designed to address the critical needs of the industry for both enterprises and telecom carriers.
Today, at the Embedded Systems Conference in San Jose, California, SBS Technologies(R) (NASDAQ: SBSE), a leading provider of embedded computing technology, announced its new Telum TSPE01 processor Advanced Mezzanine Card (AdvancedMC(R)).
The SDR-4000 is a 3U CompactPCI(R) platform that is comprised of two major component level hardware products: the PRO-4600 SDR modem processing engine and the XMC-3321 dual transceiver input/output mezzanine card.
Building on a 30 year history of providing advanced I/O solutions for telecom and enterprise applications, and addressing the need for high speed connectivity, Interphase has established a key leadership role in delivering Advanced TCA(R) and Advanced Mezzanine Card (AMC) solutions to the marketplace.
With the Netra CP2040 and Netra CP2060/80 products, Sun is introducing support for PCI Mezzanine Cards (PMC), which will allow customers to build higher density solutions.