Meynert, Theodor H.

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Meynert, Theodor H.

Austrian neurologist, 1833–1892

Meynert commissure

A fibrous tract extending from the subthalamic body to the base of the third ventricle.

nucleus basalis of Meynert

A nucleus with large cells in the substantia innominata. The nucleus basalis is interconnected with the amygdala, and it innervates most of the cortex of the cerebral hemisphere. Axons from this nucleus are cholinergic. The neurons in this nucleus degenerate if the brain develops Alzheimer disease.
Synonym: basal nucleus; nucleus basalis
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Theodor H., Austrian neurologist, 1833-1892.
Meynert cells - solitary pyramidal cells found in the cortex in the region of the calcarine fissure.
Meynert commissures - the commissural fibers that lie above and behind the optic chiasm. Synonym(s): commissurae supraopticae
Meynert decussation
Meynert fasciculus - a compact bundle of fibers in the midbrain. Synonym(s): Meynert retroflex bundle; retroflex fasciculus
Meynert layer - layer three of the cortex cerebri. Synonym(s): pyramidal cell layer
Meynert retroflex bundle - Synonym(s): Meynert fasciculus
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