Meyerson, L.B.

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L.B., 20th century U.S. dermatologist.
Meyerson nevus - Synonym(s): Meyerson phenomenon
Meyerson phenomenon - an eczematous, papulosquamous reaction around a melanocytic nevus. Synonym(s): halo dermatitis; Meyerson nevus
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Meyerson nevus is described as a melanocytic nevus surrounded by inflammatory, eczematous eruption, and was first described by Meyerson in 1971 (1).
Here we report three cases of Meyerson nevus, two of which were seen in the same person.
Both lesions were diagnosed as eczematous lentiginous nevus with Meyerson phenomenon (Meyerson nevus).
This lesion was reported as eczematous compound dysplastic nevus (Meyerson nevus).
Meyerson nevus is a rare entity, described as a symmetrical erythema and scale over or around centrally localized melanocytic nevus due to eczemation.
Under these circumstances, dermoscopic appearance of the Meyerson nevus could be challenging.
In the original descriptions, Meyerson nevus had neither regression nor depigmentation of the central lesion (8-10).
A similar disorder is the Meyerson nevus, whose peripheral halo is inflammatory and intensely pruriginous.