castor bean

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A genus of plants (family Euphorbiaceae) with one species, Ricinus communis, the castor oil plant, the source of castor oil; the leaves are said to be a galactagogue.
Synonym(s): castor bean
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castor bean

1. The castor-oil plant.
2. The poisonous seed of the castor-oil plant, from which castor oil is obtained.
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castor bean

Herbal medicine
The kernel of the seeds of Ricinus communis, which contain the highly toxic ricin and ricinine.
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cas·tor bean

(kast'ŏr bēn)
Herbal agent made from the seed of Ricinus communis; widely used as a cathartic laxative; overdosage can produce gastrointestinal problems.
Synonym(s): Mexico seed, pei-ma.
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